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WinBin shutdown culprit revealed!

Posted by The Anonymus Creator on April 2, 2011 at 10:35 AM

Browsing on the forum a few days ago, I saw a fellow little member going by the name of Green Blockhead asking what happened to the original WinBin. Sheath, an alternative account to IcyGamma himself, stated that the original WinBin was actually a way to get traffic, re-directing members to the AfterBlock site. Other than that, members from Blockland forums starter to harrass Sheath, plus him getting banned from the RTB services. It also attracted extreme dire attention from Ephialtes, also claiming that his ID was in question. This made Sheath feel uncomfortable about running the site.

So the culprit of WinBin's demanded shutdown was not only Ephialtes, but the whole forum harrasment as well. For the forum harrasment, it is incredibly stupid. If you don't like an add-on, don't download it. It is as simple as everything that is said to be so simple. Honestly.


Anyway, moving on to something un-related, we have three more fail/crap-on treasures to put on the site. I am sorry I have not been attending to the site much, but never forget, we are still in business.

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